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How to Find the Right Private Investor for Your Small Business?

Everyone with even a little bit of interest in business knows that if you want to start a business you must always start it on small level especially when you are new to the business stuff and don’t have enough resources to start a business. Even when you have enough resources people most of the time take the start from a small business because investing a huge amount of money in one go is never a wise decision because a little odd turn in the events can lead to a whole wreckage. Somehow even in small business people don’t have money to invest in so the best option in that case for them is a small business investor. A small business investor invests the amount of money you require in your business and keep receiving his share of the profit from your business. A small business investment is a silent partner of your business.

How to find a small business investor for your business

If you have a complete plan to start a small scale business of your own but don’t have enough money or resources to invest in your idea of small business then a small business investor is exactly what you need to find. Following is how you can find a perfect investor for your small business

Investment options for small business

Since the investment needed for a small business is less in an amount which means there are a number of options for you in this case. Before looking for a small business investor you need to consider your options

  • Private Equity is one of the options for you. Private equity basically covers all the private individuals and the privately owned institutions that are willing to invest money in your small business.
  • Venture Capital investment is a small business investor that is made to invest in small companies with potential and they also assist with expertise.
  • Angel investing is the small business investor in which they want the large return of their investment but invest a little amount of money.
  • Government plans also provide funding and investment for your small businesses.

What you want investors to provide

Once you have decided which type of small business investors you are looking for you then need to know more about the type of investing. Dig into the business world to know what type of investors they actually are and how to deal with them. You can also find out what type of investment this small business investor is willing to provide you and can also know more about deals.

How to convince investor to make an investment

After you have found an investor you need to discuss the amount of money you would be needing for you small business setup and everything that you need to start up. You will also have to convince the investor that you have a perfect plan which will give benefit to you and the small business investor in the future.

This is exactly how you can find a small business investor.

How do I find a real estate investor?

Real estate investment is the easiest and the most common method of investing money and gaining money out of it. You can see a lot of people investing their money in the real estate and making a success out of this. For real estate investment, you just have to have some investment money which you can use to buy your first real estate and the knowledge about which real estate value is likely to increase in the upcoming time so you would know if you are going to get benefit out of it or not. Buying a real estate can also help you make money in such a way that you start to lend your house on rent to people and if your real estate is a great place and in a great condition then you can likely make more out of it.

Finding a real estate investor

If you also have some money saved up and you are willing to invest it somewhere nice then you must know that becoming a real estate investor would be very beneficial to you. If you have decided to become a real estate investor you need to see more real estate investors too and should meet them so you would know about the current stage of real estate in your city or surroundings. You can also buy real estate I other cities so for that you will have to meet up with the real estate investors in those places and where else can you find a better real estate investor but online.

How you find a real estate investor

We are already aware of this fact that the internet is the source of all type of information and you ca find everything here even if it’s a real estate investor. There are many online clubs and websites where you can find a real estate investor to discuss real estate with. This type of discussions and updates about the value of reals estate can help you become a great real estate investor. You can also know if any real estate investor is going to sell his house or building in case you want to buy it and you can also send your own real estate to these investors if they are willing to offer a good price for you. Following are some of the places where you can look for a real estate investor.

  • You can visit websites like REI club or National REIA where you can find the local clubs for a real estate investor and here you can find all the investors that are around you.
  • Look through the ads and the real estate section of Craigslist websites that will help you approach the real estate investors that you guide and mentor you.
  • You can also go through the forums and investment websites where you can meet up a real estate investor for guidance and information about real estate.
  • Instead of finding them online you can also look for them in real life by asking the real estate agents about any real estate investor they know of.

So this was how you can find a real estate investor.

What are the different types of investments

All of us know about investments and those who don’t know it very well must know that investment is any asset, any property or anything that you own which is likely to give benefit in the future. People have investments with the hope that it will generate income I the future. Investment is basically a long term plan. People in business have a lot of investments in different firms or some of them a=have all of their asset invested in only one of them. When we invest money in some business we actually become a partner of that business, now the choice is ours that either we want to be a silent partner or an active one. To make an investment you not only have to put money in a business but you can make an investment of your own and for that, you should know about the type of investments.

Types of investments

To make and investment you should know about the type of investment you are going to make and below are the type of investments to make you understand it better.

There is basically three type of investments which are further explained with examples.

Ownership investments


Ownership investment is one of the most important types of investments and the following examples will make you understand it better.

  • Stocks are the ownership investments which means that you own the portion of a company you invested in. It gives you a contract that makes sure you are the part-owner of the company. When you buy a share of a company it uploads record profits which make other people want to buy shares of that particular company and thus the value of your share increase it to making you get profit in case you decide to sell those shares.
  • You can also buy shares of a running business and be a silent investor so you will be able to receive your share of the profit.
  • You can also buy a real estate or any house and that would be an investment too and it is the most common type of investments. When the market value of your house increases which happens all the time with real estate you can sell it to gain profit.
  • You can also buy other stuff like Gold, gems and famous painting as an investment and can sell it as their value increases when you want to extract your profit or when you get the highest bidder for that object.

Lending Investments


Lending investment is the less dangerous type as compared to the ownership in all type of investments. Example of this type of investments are following

  • Bond is less risky than being a stock shareholder because in stock if company go through a loss you go through with it too but in the bond, you keep receiving your profit which is less as compared t in stock.

Having a saving account is also a type of investment in which you loan money to the bank and your money is safe in this case.

Cash equivalents


This is the only type among all type of investments which is as good as cash and you can convert is back to the cash.

  • Money market funds are cash equivalent type of investments but in this case, the profit could be as less as 1% or 2%. You can easily draw the cash out of it.

How much do you make in investor relations?

Investment is a big decision anyone ever wants to make so before investing your money in something you must know about all aspects of the investment and must have all the knowledge about it. Some of us who have the thorough experience with the investment making know all about it and also know what an Investment Relation is while some of us don’t know about it. To have this type of knowledge before making any investment is important so we must all look through this stuff.

Investment relation


Investment Relation is basically a department that is the part of all medium to large public companies. This department deals everything about the investments and investors. This department not only deals with the investors but also with the stockholders, government organisations and all type of financial community of that company. The main role of this department is that to provide all the basic information to the public so they can know either the company is good enough to invest in. Investment Relation is the sub-department of public relation that provides all the investors with the correct account of company affairs. IR release all the financial information of the company that an investor need to know.

Importance of investor relation

Investment Relation is one of the most important departments in a company. In a company with a good Investment Relation department, the financial state of a company is likely to be good too. If a company don’t have a better Investment relation department then the company is less likely to receive better investors and what good a company is without a better investment plan. So the investment relation department should always be good.

How much people make in investment relation

As we all know how important and Investment Relation department is, the department only hires people with great experience and with good skills in investment relation and likely they are better paid so they could keep themselves motivated towards doing a better job. How much someone can make in an Investment Relation depends upon the salary and the type of job you have in Investment relation. If you are on better and higher post ten your pay would definitely be higher. But there is one more thing that affects the salaries in an Investment Relation and that factor is “gender”. This difference has been observed in all companies Investment Relation Department and the difference that has been observed is that the men are paid higher than women in Investment Relation. How much a person can make in this also depends on the type of the company they are working in. If the company is bigger and more successful so they would be paid well otherwise they would be paid accordingly.
Average salary that a person in Investment Relation can make within a year is round about $200,000 to $249,999. Average salary all over the world is around this otherwise there could be a slight difference depending upon gender difference and also the status of the company.
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