Before we get into the investor synonym we must know what an investor is. Understanding what an investor is just easy and we can say in simple words that whoever makes an investment is an investor. Now an investment is anything that can be bought with the hope that it will give you profit. That investment could be anything like a share in some company, buying a house or investment can also be lending someone some money with the hope that you will get it back with the interest which means they will earn a profit. Now, the investor is a person who does all of that for the sake of profit Investors are of different types and few investor synonym will make you understand more what an investor is.

Following are some of the investor synonym that will make u understand what an investor is and help you understand all that in detail. This investor synonym can also be called as the type of the investors.


The banker is an investor synonym, in fact, the more proper term used would be the investment banker. An investment banker basically is a person who works in the financial institution or large investment banks that are involved in raising the capital of the companies that ask for their help. The main role of the investment bankers is to save the companies that are falling and buying their shares and selling it in the market so some other people could save the company from dying. In short, they help the company to stand up again.

Venture Capitalist

A venture capitalist is another investor synonym and these are the investors that help the small companies to startup or support them by investing in them. If these small companies prove to be the success then they can make a lot of money out of those companies otherwise they can also lose money if the company is a fail but luckily they don’t lose that much of money from a small company.


Another investor synonym is the Lender and a lender is not the type of investor that buy shares or property but they are the ones that lend money o people and other companies on interest and they earn their profit in the form of interest from the people and the companies. The loans could b of any kind like mortgage, automobile loans etc.


A shareholder is an investor synonym too and these are the ones that buy shares in the companies am then earn their share of the profits from the companies. Shareholders can also lose money f the company goes into a loss.


Stockholders are like shareholders too but here they just buy capital in exchange for stock and they keep on buying stocks of companies and selling them to get profit.

So these were some of the investor synonyms that you must know about and they can also make you understand the true meaning of the investor and their roles in the detail.