An investor is a person who puts his money in some business or a property with the goal to earn money in the form of profit from it. An investor can either buy a property and wait for its value to increase so he can get the profit by selling it or he can lend the money to someone in need and then when the person who takes the lender can pay back, they pay back with interest and this is how the lender gets to profit. Another way is putting money in the business and getting the profit from that business and be the silent partner of that business. So now that you have learned what an investor is now coming to the discussion of finding investors and how and where you can find them.

How Finding Investors

Following are some of the way and places for finding investors for your business or when you need some money. Mostly the people who look for or are finding investors are the ones who are already running a business or the ones who are willing to start a business but have no investment

Finding Investors in Business schools

Business schools can help you a great deal when you are finding business investors because most of these schools are in close contact with these types of the investors and can help you connect with those investors so you can get their help.

Finding Investors at Internet

The Internet is the best place to find something so when you are finding investors don’t forget to look on the internet, in fact, internet should be your first priority since you can get in direct contact with those types of the investors. You can find many websites that provide you with some investors so go on and get their help.

Finding Investors in Businesses Groups

You can also get in contact with the businessmen as they being in that field are aware of investors in your area and might even be getting help from those investors. So when finding investors get the help from the ones who are already getting their help and in this way you can also know what type of investors they are.

Angel investor’s network

There are few angel investor’s networks which you can direct yourself to when finding an investor. These networks can help you locate some investors by location so you can easily meet them and ask them for their aid in investments.


Crowdfunding sites can help you a great deal with finding investors as they can provide you with different types of investors and can help you get in contact with them. Crowdfunding is no doubt the best way of finding investors.


Accelerators help with the startup business and help your business to grow and flourish so if you find them they can provide with investors for the startup business.

So these were few of the way of finding investors which you can follow to have a perfect investor present for your business so you can also make your place in the business world.