Business and investments have a relation from the very start, whenever you think of a business either running ort new one, investment is the first thing that comes to your mind. Most of the people start a business from the small level and even large and successful business we see, everyone has started their business from a small level. But some people unfortunately even don’t have enough of the money to start a business on their own and for their help the small business investors are present. These investors help business to start by investing money in it and then once the business is started they start getting the profit of their share from the business. A business even if not very great at the start will start to improve if you have a proper business plan. So before you find small business investors you must have a proper plan.

Types of small business investors

There are two types of the small business investors based upon their investment technique.

  1. The first type of small business investors is the one that gives debt investment. These are the type that gives you money is a debt and ask for the interesting outcome until all the original debt have been paid with the interest.
  2. The second type is the one with equity investment, they invest by buying a share into that business and get the regular profit of that business.

Steps to find investors

Following are some of the steps that you need to follow before you find small business investors

  1. Make a proper plan of your business because if you don’t have the plan then your business and the investor’s money all will be doomed and investors get their money out of you so you will be the only one left with no penny.
  2. Make a list of small business investors that you think will help you the way you want them too. You can make the list by looking for all types of investors you can get.
  3. Share your plan with the investor you have chosen for the small business investors list and tell him/her all about your business and why they should invest in your business. Convincing can be a tough job but if your idea appeals them you will have a win in that.

Where to find small business investors

Following are some of the places where you can find small business investors


The Internet can be the best place to find some small business investors and you can also contact them through the internet.

Business owners

Meet the small business owners in your area and by their help get the contact information of the small business investors that have been investing in their business.

Angel investors

Angel investors are the best network to find the small business investors in your area. They can also help you contact them.


Crowdfunding can help you find any type of the investors so they can easily help you find the small business investors too